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As a specialist audit firm, Assura performs a wide range of audits; whether they be standard audits required by regulation, specialist audits or investigations and reports for varying industries.


We’re the trusted “Name in Audits” because that is all we do. Our independence is uncompromised.



Assura has extensive experience in the valuation of many types of non-listed business entities for commercial, litigation and statutory purposes.
Valuing a business is often a complex process. Markets do not exist for many businesses, so the process of comparative valuation (comparing like with like) which is the most desirable method of valuation, is often not possible. Not only is industry knowledge crucial, but at times different valuation methods must be combined in order to arrive at an appropriate value.
Valuing intangible assets, such as goodwill and intellectual property, is also complex with the involvement of elements such as brands, patents, business names, trademarks and domain names. 


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