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As a specialist audit firm, Assura performs a wide range of audits; whether they be standard audits required by regulation, specialist audits or investigations and reports for varying industries.


We’re the trusted “Name in Audits” because that is all we do. Our independence is uncompromised.



The effective operation of any business is dependent on the ability of management to make decisions. In order to make these decisions, management needs information. Effective management is therefore dependent on the existence of effective management information systems which need to be controlled. The adequacy and effectiveness of internal control procedures is the responsibility of the directors and management and becomes increasingly important as the business grows.
Assura is experienced in reviewing and identifying key business risks and providing assurance to the directors that key business management controls exist which adequately address those risks.
We believe that we can add value to your business initially by conducting a detailed assessment of specific aspects of the control system. This would initially include an analysis of the internal reporting systems to assess the adequacy of:
  • Monthly reporting including budgets, capacity plans and cash flow – these reports must be appropriate, accurate, timely and sufficiently detailed to address all key business risks;
  • Job costing implementation.

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